Oblivion song



I’ve really been enjoying this story. It follows a scientist name Nathan who caused a cataclysmic event that   pushed together our dimension with the Oblivion dimension and people have been lost here since. He has been working solo to find as many of the missing people in Oblivion as he can and return them home. Another story by Kirkman that has really been surprising to read as I wasn’t sure about it in the beginning. Kirkman has done a really good job of giving us a reason to want to see what happens to Nathan and if he will ever be able to fix what he did. While I’m not a fan of Lorenzo De Felicis’ art style it does go well with the story being told here. It’s not overly detailed and saturated with things going on in the background distracting you from what’s going on which would be easy to do with a story like this.


old lady harley



Written by Frank Tieri this is a post-apocalyptic story following Harley after the Joker is supposed to be long dead. The book follows her after she has learned that he could actually be alive! This book is totally ridiculous in every single way. This story doesn’t just make the normal fun of the DC comics as Harley books tend to do, but also makes fun of the Marvel comics and the “Old Man” books they seem to   love to print. Reading this is just like reading an Old Man Deadpool book but with a main character even more crazy and slutty as they make references time and again that Harley has been around the DC Universe. Admittedly this book almost didn’t make this list because I almost didn’t pick it up. I am so glad that I did and the fact that I could even bring myself to put this book on a top 10 list of the year either shows the lack of quality books out there or is a testament to its greatness. I’ll let you all be the judge there.





So I have never read a Hit-Girl or Kick Ass comic until now, in fact if it wasn’t for the 2 Kick Ass movies I probably wouldn’t know anything about Hit-Girl other than she’s a comic book character. So Hit-Girl has been running around solo and in this series she is traveling all over the world and each new spot starts a new arc. The neat thing about these arcs is that a new writer and artist team take over with each new arc. Mark Millar wrote the first arc in Columbia with Ricardo Lopez Ortiz as artist, and what a crazy killfest that was. Jeff Lamire takes over on writing with Eduardo Risso on art when she travels to Canada, and when she left the snow had turned red with blood. In the current arc in Rome Rafael Albuquerque does both writing and the art and let me tell you Rome will see the Gladiators again. It’s been a really good series to read and I’m loving the short story arcs and the changing writers.





I almost didn’t pick up this book when it came out but the pressure from my local comic shop owner was too much. Imagine a world where you could grow human body parts like plants? One   man has come into possession of a means of doing just that and has helped thousands. Of course, there are people opposed to what he is doing and there seems to be a few or more secrets buried in the past that have yet come into the light. While Jed tries to reconnect with his father and sister who run the program his wife and kids seem to be dealing with problems of their own in their new life. Whatever is going on with this farm the secret is dark and when you work with dark forces there is a price to pay. Rob Guillroy has been doing wonderful both writing and doing the art for this story. For a while I wasn’t sure that I wanted to keep going but after a few issues in I have found myself begging to know what the secrets are and how all of this is possible.


cosmic ghost rider



I wasn’t sure just how epic this mini series would be when I first picked it up but I’m glad that I did. How can you make the Punisher more lethal? Answer give him the powers of Ghost Rider AND Silver Surfer! In the aftermath of his battle with Thanos Frank is sent back to the land of the living and decides that he is going to fix the future. Afterall what good is the power cosmic if you don’t use it to kill the greatest threat to the universe, Thanos? When Frank travels back in time to when Thanos is an infant his intent is to kill him, but instead he   kidnaps him and tries his best to make him into a better Thanos than we all know. That of course doesn’t go as planned and things escalate very quickly.  Donny Cates did a great job brining this character into the Marvel universe proper. It feels like the kind of story that really shouldn’t have gained the traction that it did but you can’t help but see that it couldn’t have gone   any other way. Dylan Burnett did a great job with the art for this series and   really made me feel like I was watching a Saturday morning cartoon show, which makes pretty much for my favorite kind of art. I wish this series didn’t have to end, but luckily, we will get more of the Cosmic Ghost Rider in the new Guardians of the Galaxy series coming from Donny Cates soon.





What can you say about Deadpool that does this comic book justice? Skottie Young has been writing the new Deadpool series and it’s been just amazingly ridiculous, the laughs never seem to stop, which is what you should expect from Deadpool. We have seen him go from killing a cosmic elder that pukes as his special power, to a state of depression before confronting an arch nemesis he never knew he had, Killpuddle. With Nick Young and Scott Hepburn running the art you just can’t help but love the story being told. Only 7 issues in and we have no idea what’s coming next or just how ridiculous things will get before Skottie is   done and I for one hope we never reach the line.





I actually didn’t pick up this   book until issue 2 after hearing such great things about issue 1. Beyonders is a story of the greatest mystery in all of history solved by a young man who can see things in the puzzle no one else can. Through out history people of note have been part of an organization known as Beyonders to solve a puzzle that can’t be solved with out pieces from others over time. This has been an awesome story, blending elements of Indiana Jones and National   Treasure and taking them up not just one notch but several. The writer Paul Jenkins has been doing a great job telling a story that has done nothing but make me want to read the next issue to get more of the mystery. On top of that Wesley St. Claire’s art has been doing a great job brining the story to life with every issue. Not to mention who wouldn’t love a story that employees a talking one-eyed Welsh Corgi





Has been a super wild ride since the start. Domino and her friends Outlaw and Diamondback take on merc jobs each issue and get into trouble that just escalates much in the way a fire does when you pour gasoline on it, and I love it. The stories have been short arcs and the jokes are plentiful. I have been really enjoying how Gale Simone has been keeping the badass Domino we all know and love but at the same time giving her a small amount of Deadpool antics while even keeping her   the beautiful sexual woman she has always been without taking away any power from her. David Baldeon could have drawn her in an over sexual manor, but he hasn’t and his cartoon like style of art is really adding to the fun that I have reading this book every month.


darth vader



This is just a great story.   It’s been about the rise of Vader just after the events conclude in Revenge of the Sith. We have seen how Vader obtained his lightsaber and even learned how the blade becomes red. We have seen Vader even come across some of the   Jedi that have gone into hiding after order 66. There was a cross over with   Star Wars Rebels when Vader met the inquisitors. Charles Soule has been doing   an awesome job telling this story and I really hope he doesn’t go anywhere   any time soon. The art from Giuseppe Camuncoli has been a real treat and does   an excellent job giving a visual to the writing


Die! Die! Die!



Is just a story about 3 identical brothers trained as the deadliest assassins in the world? There is also a ton of things going on behind the scenes and we never know what we are going to get from issue to issue because Kirkman, who writes the book, keeps the solicitations from containing any of the plot and doesn’t give out press issues before release. This has got to be THE book that tops what Kirkman did   on The Walking Dead and I feel like it’s mostly because I never have any idea what’s going to happen when I open up the book. Chris Brunham has been doing an amazing job making a complete mess of every page with all the blood and gore from the extreme violence, and I am loving it!






Skottie Young has done it again! I wasn’t sure what this book was going to be when it was announced, and I think as time went on it just made the anticipation grow. This is the story of Abel, a young boy who we think has a normal life with friends and a paper route, but there is something out there that wants him. He lives only with his father who is a complete dick and has no idea why his mother left or even where she might be. He’s been having nightmares about a storm that is coming for him and when he gets into an argument with his father one night that escalates beyond a normal fight, Abel is forced to flee a force straight out of his nightmares. Now he has left his small town and monster of a father behind with his only friend left, a talking fox to seek out a new path. It’s tough to convey the kind of emotion that is felt while reading this and the art from Jorge Corona just makes it that much better. Mike Huddleston does the ink for this and with Jorge the vibrant colors are just so amazing that I couldn’t help but pause on each page to linger on the art work. Skottie Young has always been my favorite artist and when he wrote I Hate Fairyland quickly became on of my favorite writers as well, as you heard earlier his run on Deadpool has been top notch and I can’t wait to see what this story evolves into. I’m fully invested in Abel and what he will go through to uncover his families secrets and make his own story out in this great world.