comicpalooza 2019 live show

Check out my live show from Comicpalooza 2019 live on the show floor. You might spot some people who may or may not be famous...

podcasting for geeks panel

My first panel, Podcasting for Geeks at Comicpalooza 2019. With The Nerdy Bitches, Three Beers and a Mic and The Nerd Rage Podcast.

episode 103 detective comics 1000

This week on the show I've got Beyonder, Black Widow, Detective Comics, X-Force and Action Comics.

Marvel collector corp captain marvel box

I'll be unboxing the Captain Marvel box from Marvel Collector Corps. Can this be the box that renews my faith in Funko? Or will this be the final box?

Podcast Episode 98

Epidode 98 of the podcast.

The Batman Who Laughs isn’t Funny!!

Collector corps unboxing

Unboxing the X-Men Collectors Corps box.

unboxing some comics

Got some sweet comic books from Unknown Comics!

Collector corps unboxing

An unboxing of the Marvel Collector Corps Marvel Stud10s The First 10 Years